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Playground (Exclusive)

It's been way too fucking long, she thought--about everything. It had been too long since things had gone exactly how she wanted, exactly with who she wanted it with. Her current beau, Dre, was fine as hell and a provider, but he lacked passion.

It's nothing worse than a man that just looks good on paper, 
she would often think to herself. Dre bought her everything, took her to expensive restaurants and had even somewhat invested in her dreams. However, a man named Marcus from her past still pulled at her heartstrings. That raw love energy ting...
"Where you headed?" Dre would ask, as he saw his woman primping in the mirror.
"Just to see my two girlfriends here from out of town," or some other variation of this story would escape her honey lips. 
"I see. What time you think you'll be back?"
"Not sure dear. But text or call me, I'll answer for you, and you know that..." she said while turning to smile at him. He was like putty in her hands.
After one last twirl in the mirror (behind Dre's back), she was out the door. She walked briskly to her silver truck, phone in hand, keys and purse in the other. It was a cool November evening, so she was wrapped up nicely. She breathed deeply as she got herself situated for the voyage; all the while, her mind showing her images of what she craved. Her desires, plain as day, were now recollecting in her thoughts as she approached the highway. She just needed to get out of Dre's space for a minute.

But see Marcus, she knew, could deliver what she needed. The re pore they shared was so strong because he knew...just how to handle her. He also knew how to handle too many other things unrelated to her, so they parted ways for good -- at least she thought since the last time they spoke. When he called, just three nights prior, and she answered, is when the anxiety she had been feeling stopped. Finally, a full nights rest. Although she lay next to a man proven to do anything for her, Dre, Marcus had the ability to always pull her back. Back into his world.
She pulled up to his residence, 9:47 p.m. on the dot. She called and he answered on the first ring.
"You here?" He asked.
"I am," she replied, hearing him inhale and exhale on the phone.
"Here I come."
She hung up and took another deep breath. The butterflies she used to have whenever she thought of or saw this man were gone now. She looked in the mirror at herself, feeling newly courageous, sexy and free. She looked up and saw him approaching; tall frame, medium muscular build, goatee and slight beard ting, dressed in white from head to toe. 
He knows I like that shit.
Marcus walked over, maintaining composure but obviously thrilled. As she steps out of her Range Rover truck, they lock eyes and smile. She falls into his arms and he kisses her forehead. A warm and tingly sensation takes over both of their bodies, as they remember the comfort they bring to each other. Simultaneously, they sigh. Secretly, Marcus is holding back tears.  Of course, she senses it and moves her body even closer to his.
"Let's go inside," she whispers in his ear.
Without hesitation, he takes her hand, at first, but then lets her lead and places his hands around her waist. As they walk, body to body, her head slightly resting on his, he whispers, "you know I missed you - all of you." And he led her inside.
Her smiles are big and wide as she winds her hips to the Reggae music slightly booming from the speakers. Marcus lowers the lights down, lights a candle and incense and continues to let her body dance in unison with the flame's shadows. Before he realized, his head was spinning and he felt as if his body was floating off of the ground. He looked up at her eyes and thought he saw a blue light flash across them.
Just then, she came closer. He could feel the coolness of the ocean and felt his muscles relax. She whispered lyrics from a sweet song in his ear before brushing her lips upon his neck. Secretly, again, he shuddered. He knew that his soul craved for this woman but, the odds seemed to always be stacked against them from day one. But still, they found a way when the stars aligned in a certain way.
She put her lips on his and told his mind stories. With his to physical eyes closed, he could see the brightness of the inner moon and the beings that resided there. They too had blue lights in their eyes, similar to the nameless woman that had him straddled in his very private bedroom. Whenever he would ask her name, she would simply say "just call me yours." And see, the shit worked every time. Marcus couldn't resist her. No man could really. She played nice most of the time though and usually hand-picked the victims. Because see, years had passed since she first met him. Marcus had maintained other girlfriends and plenty of other experiences, but nothing compared to a woman and pussy he could actually call his -- and in his case "mine." 
The battle of the male mind and ego. Mermaid Pussy strikes, again.....

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