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Madame’s Monsoon

I know how to make a n*gga feel good. Mama and the Elders always taught me to keep it sassy and classy, but the Spirits say keep it Sweet. Perhaps a Trinity Goddess like me can mix all aspects of the three. Whew! That Power of 3.

I make him feel good with the way I speak to him, the attention I give him when he’s listening and the way I move my eyes and body. The way I caress his shoulders as he whispers to me, the graceful way I move about the kitchen as I create him a meal—acting as if I can’t feel his stares.

I make him feel good when I let my honey infiltrate his senses. When he can pull my hair and grip my skin. Let him feel my Love from deep within. Have him filling up to the brim...

I know how to make a n*gga feel good.

Remember the secrets you told me? All the thoughts that roam when you hold me. They claim to be different but always try to control me.

But I can’t blame him. If I saw a woman like me, I too would try to tame ‘em. Them Shottas know I rearrange ‘em—then later make ‘em feel like Strangers.

Cinnamon brown skin with honey drippin’... I never blame the boys that get to trippin’—Shawty different...

In what ways can I read your Soul? What stories can your swollen manhood tell me under the moon? I can bounce it backwards in ways that never get old. Welcome to the Madame’s Monsoon.

And then soon, your head will be spinning ‘round this room, but your spirit will be in tune, with the highest degrees of grooves. Imagine....

Love vibrations shaking you to your core. Sucking from all of your manly essence, I adore. What I taste is all the beautiful things you have in store. Flashbacks make my legs shake, leaving me wanting more.

If it’s not deeper than the ocean’s core, there’s no need to settle the score. But like mi say before...

I know how to make a n*gga feel good. What thoughts linger around the room? Welcome, to the Madame’s Monsoon....


A La Madame’s Month of Pleasures’ Specialty Post

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  • Amazing, igniting, and self awakening all in one. Very grateful for your words and energy. Theyve made these whispers into loud voices, screams within me. Now ive heard the stagnantion within me and im looking forward to growing and healing into a better place within me. Im lookimg forward to radiating this true soul of mine. Again thank you sista, I love you always.

    Thalyna Rosales

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