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Divinity Tones.

Woke up to kisses on my face...and my ankh around my waist. Black honey's taste.

See, often times we may hide from a feeling we have deep inside. But wait - I ain't never felt kisses like this! Never felt warmth like you. Never been held like this. Never laughed enough, until this. Never...

Damn. Ain't it something  when you think back about it? At least me, with all of the bullshyt I've encountered. When dealing with the loss thrones of Afrikan Kings...and riding down the boulevards of broken dreams. Eye remember. And brought to my consciousness, is a recapturing of my destiny. This man from many lands away, living in amnesia as I begged him to stay. I know he needs me. Because I need him so.

He taught me to love again, no really. Taught me that love has an acquired taste; it'll never be perfect. It just IS. Hearing the calling of my Ancestors, telling me to love who I love. "Society" cannot define what goes on with this, or how the manifestation shall twist. Because yes; on this ride I shake my dreads and shake my thighs. Watching you rise before you part my thighs. In the aftermath, as you grip my waist and savor my taste, I can feel what your eyes are revealing. Coming down from the energies that take me past the ceiling. In your eyes I see the secrets...of my deepest theses. Covered in my drip are the rose petals that tickle the brim of my nose, those lips of yours that won't miss a spot from my lips to my toes.

Listening. Reminiscing. Reminding me of how worthy I was. Worthy of immeasurable love drugs. For standing with me, allowing your body language to speak to me in the tone of divinity. I thank thee. This is what it shall always be. Mark my words. Mark my destiny.

La Madame. The High Priestess. 

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